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What is iSolved?

iSolved by Infinisource is a leading human capital management software solution that once and for all truly integrates all of your client’s workforce management processes – tracking time and attendance, HR, payroll and benefits in one system.

Unlike many human capital management software solutions in the marketplace, iSolved is not only fully integrated, but also completely scalable. Clients won’t outgrow the product - as their company expands, iSolved will still fit their needs - no need to change platforms.


Human Resources

HR Compliance - Employee Self-service, HR Support Center

HR Professional - Benefit online enrollment, benefit plan management, deferred compensation planning

HR Live - Workforce planning, custom training, recruiting, audits, ethics hotline, surveys


Payroll Processing

Full Payroll processing - Direct deposit, tax and regulatory compliance, net pay, report writer, GL import

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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

TimeForce - Replaces manual punch clocks and time sheets with a software-based time and attendance system.

With TimeForce, companies can gather employee time in a variety of ways including swipe cards, proximity readers, biometric readers, computer, tablet and cell phone.

ACA Management

Compliance: Full ACA reporting at your fingertips. Reporting: Simple handling of forms like 1094, 1095, for ACA sections 6055 and 6056. Employees: Full-time, part-time, flex-time, we've got you covered. We even handle the 90-day waiting period!